Kitchen Dining , Small Appliance Parts Accessor , Coffee Espresso Machine Parts,Coffee,Tamper,,MGCM,/leat508151.html,Handle,Coffee,Stainle,Espresso,$20,Wooden,Tamping MGCM Coffee Tamper Free Shipping New Wooden Stainle Tamping Handle Espresso $20 MGCM Coffee Tamper Wooden Coffee Espresso Handle Tamping Stainle Kitchen Dining Small Appliance Parts Accessor Coffee Espresso Machine Parts $20 MGCM Coffee Tamper Wooden Coffee Espresso Handle Tamping Stainle Kitchen Dining Small Appliance Parts Accessor Coffee Espresso Machine Parts MGCM Coffee Tamper Free Shipping New Wooden Stainle Tamping Handle Espresso Kitchen Dining , Small Appliance Parts Accessor , Coffee Espresso Machine Parts,Coffee,Tamper,,MGCM,/leat508151.html,Handle,Coffee,Stainle,Espresso,$20,Wooden,Tamping

MGCM Coffee Super popular specialty store Tamper Free Shipping New Wooden Stainle Tamping Handle Espresso

MGCM Coffee Tamper Wooden Coffee Espresso Handle Tamping Stainle


MGCM Coffee Tamper Wooden Coffee Espresso Handle Tamping Stainle


Product description

Tamping is the action of press the coffee grounds into a pod of coffee in the filter cup prior to extraction. When you learn to reproduce the right pressure you will get the best possible espresso everytime.

Any fan of cooking a house barista and coffee will be delighted with such a unique gift as a coffee espresso tamper. Great gift for Christmas, birthday, wedding, any significant holiday for friends and family.


Foot diameter: 58mm

Height: 100mm

Material: Stainless Steel + Real Wood Handle

Weight: 330 g

Package Includes:

1 x Coffee Tamper

MGCM Coffee Tamper Wooden Coffee Espresso Handle Tamping Stainle

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